Printing adds more value than any other manufacturing industry


Those of us with a smart phone will use it much more than just to make the odd telephone call or send a text message. Using our phones and tablets means that we have access to news 24 hours a day, can leaf through magazines, and even access digital marketing material.

Even though the digital age has well and truly taken a hold of our day-to-day life, printed material is still an important part of our life and it is here to stay.

Try to imagine a day where you don’t come across something that has been printed… it’s near impossible.  If you have taken public transport, you will have come across advertising posters.  What about the food wrapping on the food you have eaten for dinner? Or the notebook you used at work?

Whether it’s magazines, direct mail, a clothes catalogue, business cards, letter headings, brochures, point of sale material, it will all have been printed somewhere.

In 2016, in the UK alone, the print industry turned over a staggering £13.8 billion and contributed £5.8 billion to our economy.  Currently there are over 8,400 companies working in the print sector across the whole of UK, employing 116,000 personnel.  What these figures mean in simple terms is that the UK print industry adds more relative value to the UK economy than any other industry.

In world terms, the UK is the fifth largest print producer, with only the USA, China, Japan and Germany ahead.  Considering we are the 22nd most populated county in the world – that’s some feat.

Print is far from being taken over by digital platforms.  Its versatility and impact will always mean that printed material will be an important part of our lives for some while to come.

Just a little something for you to think about before you work on your next print project.  Because despite living in a heavily digital world, where we’re constantly bombarded with emails and telephone calls, print still matters!  An innovative, stylish piece of print collateral holds enough power to catch the recipient’s attention.  If you need any information regarding the best way to print your next project, the expert team at Streamline Press can advise on everything from paper stock, to finishing effects and method of delivery.  Click here to contact us today.

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