As the country is doing its best to get back to work, there are an obvious number of challengers facing everyone.

Teams are working from home and while video conferences and phone calls help, they don’t always deliver the same benefits as being face to face. Resources might be at the office meaning delays with some projects at a time when businesses need to be agile and move quickly to let their customers know they are back and what services they can offer safely.

Streamline have maintained a skeleton service to support our customers throughout this difficult period and increased back up to 24 hour production as our customers’ demands have increased. But there are number of other measures we have put in place to make it as easy as possible to help our customers deliver their message as quickly and effectively as possible.

Firstly we have been as flexible as possible with lead times. We understand that the ever changing situation needs full flexibility and while plans are put in place with the best intention, we know that things are likely to change at the last minute.

That’s why we are in constant communication with our customers thorough out projects, checking to see what’s changing and if we need to adapt what we are doing.

Our staff have been very flexible with when they are working to help support late changes, making sure we get your print out as quickly and effectively as possible.

Even with late changes and amends that have needed to be made, we have produced without jeopardising quality or delivery dates.

And to support teams that are working remotely with limited resources, we have introduced our free Print at Home service.

This enables you to send mail direct from your computer which is then printed and mailed by us.

So if you want to send an individual letter or a full mail shot, you can create this as you would normally but instead of printing at the office, popping into envelopes and adding a stamp, when you click print, it is sent to us via a secure online portal and we then process this for you. And because it is completely secure, Banks and Building societies are using this service to send out statements, interest changes and mortgage statements already.

There are no minimum charges, no monthly fees and no set up costs. All you pay for is each individual item which because of the bulk mailing discount we can offer, often costs less than if you were posting from the office.

Once you are back in the office, things will be different for a long time to come. Social distancing is here to stay and you may want some signage and graphics to remind everyone to keep their distance.

We have created an online platform so you can quickly and easily order floor stickers, tape, signs, sneeze screens and a whole lot more quickly and easily – you can access this here

There is a simple registration process and then you are in and ready to order. If you are after more personalised items then just get in touch and we can produce those too.

This site is just a simple example of our online ordering service. We can create bespoke, branded sites that allow you and your customers to order print, manage artwork, store policy documents that help teams that are scattered in various locations, manage and control print while maintaining brand integrity.

We are here to help and we are here to make it easy. Business will be challenging but communication is going to vital. If we can help you get back to work, you know where we are.