How to give your print collateral a voice!



At Streamline Press we think the way your printed collateral is presented – how it feels, looks and even smells, can have just as much of an influence on a customer as what the text actually says.

After all, it is often said that first impressions are everything and when it comes to your company’s marketing campaign, exciting, unique printed collateral can have a lasting positive impression on your customers, both existing and potential.

According to recent statistics, 39% of customers tried a business for the first time after receiving an engaging piece of direct mail. Now imagine that your company’s latest print campaign has been posted through the letterbox. What does it say? Does it give the right impression of your company and its values? Do the materials used represent your company in such a way that it speaks to your ideal customer? If not, it might be time to start giving your marketing its own distinctive voice.

Is your print speaking to your target market? Or is it being ignored?

As well as the tone of the copy in your print collateral, there are a number of other factors which can affect the way your brand is presented and received.

These include:

  • Colour – what are your brand colours? Are you a more corporate or creative company?
  • Paper quality – GSM (Grammes per Square Metre) is the measurement used when weighing paper sheet sizes. Better quality paper can often improve the overall presentation of the finished product. It’s worth talking to your expert printing company about tips and advice on how to choose the right paper stock.
  • Special finishes – using a special finish can also help determine how a piece of print marketing is perceived. Is there a part of your artwork that would make more of an impact if it was highlighted – your logo for example?
  • Images – a picture can say a thousand words, but one of poor quality won’t send out the right message to your customers.
    It is also important to have consistency across all your print collateral to create a clearly recognisable voice that your customers will trust.

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