Fulfilment and Mailing House Midlands – a dual service

In today’s fast-paced commercial environment, the fewer service providers you have to deal with, the easier it is.  If you are responsible for your organising your company’s direct mailing operation, the last thing you need is to be dealing with multiple companies to print, fold, pack and send your marketing literature.

That’s where a company like Streamline Press comes in handy.  We are able to provide a full print, pack and mailing service to anywhere in the world, saving you time and money.

Based in Leicester, we provide a range of advanced printing and finishing services to our customers which include digital printing, lithographic printing, dye-sublimation printing and large format printing.  In addition, we can also offer a complete direct mailing solution, so as soon as the print run has come off the press, our fulfilment team will spring into action getting your marketing literature off to your designated recipients.

Make your life easier with our personalised direct mail service

From magazines to gatefold flyers, newsletter to sales material, we are able to mail out all of your printed material.  Whether odd-shaped or multiple items, we are able to offer you a low-cost solution to all of your direct mailing requirements.

You don’t want to be stuffing envelopes until the early hours of the morning, nor do you want to arrange for your printed material to be sent from one place to another to get your fulfilment requirements met.  We are an experienced and fast fulfilment house that can help you with a bespoke, effective direct mailing solution that will cost less than you would think.

Many companies are taking advantage of the cheaper alternative of digital direct marketing through the use of email.  However, this is often not as effective as direct mailing. Often emails are overlooked or deleted before they are read because the recipient is too busy to open up the correspondence.  With direct mail, the printed material is in full view and entices your target audience to read it.

If you normally use multiple agencies for your print and mailing requirements, or you have been using digital mailing methods to get your message over to your audience, why not consider us to provide you direct mailing solutions that gives results.

To find out more on our direct mailing services, or to get a quick and competitive quote, please telephone us on 0116 235 5003, or complete the form on our contact us page.