Digital marketers will have you believe that the smart and only way to get your message across to your existing and potential customers is through using digital marketing channels.  In other words, e-mail, paid media (PPC, social media advertisements etc.) and owned media (blogs, website, social media channels etc.).  They may even tell you that direct mail a thing of the past.

However, this is far from the truth.  Direct mail is still going strong and can prove a very cost-effective way to promote your brand.  In fact, trends suggest that more and more businesses are returning to the tried and tested method of direct marketing to deliver their messages.

Choosing to have your marketing material printed makes your message more tangible, especially if it is well designed with good imagery and printed on high quality paper with exceptional colour quality.  It allows you to take a more creative approach to delivering your marketing message.  By using different shapes and sizes of paper stock with imagery that jumps out of the page, together with punchy headlines that grabs the recipient’s attention, enables you to engage more with your target audience.


Your customer is much more likely to read a personalised leaflet that arrives in the post, than open one of several generic marketing emails that has landed in their in-box on a daily basis.

If you are worried about the cost implications and the logistics of organising a print run and the packing and mailing of the literature to your target audience, it may be cheaper and less work than you think!

Rather than use multiple companies to provide you with artwork, printing solutions and mailing house services, why not choose a company who can provide all of this under one roof.  Companies like Streamline Press are able to take your artwork and provide superb quality print services and then pack and post the finished literature to your chosen recipients, all in double-quick time.

Direct mail really is the comeback King! It is the perfect way to send out corporate brochures, sales literature, company newsletters and much more.

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