Coated or Uncoated? That is the question!



You have finally got the brand image that best represents what your business stands for and its values, and you have probably spent quite a bit of your marketing budget to get your final design.  So why ruin it by having your business cards, letter heading, leaflets and other marketing material printed on paper stock that just doesn’t cut it… or indeed, fit your new image?

There is a plethora of paper choices available, such as coated or uncoated, matte or glossy finish, textured, weight, colour etc.  So what do you choose?  You certainly do not want your brand associated with cheap paper that doesn’t give your potential and existing customers the right message about your company.

A good high quality letterhead will typically be printed on 120gsm or 100gsm for a more budget option, printing on a lighter weight stock can make your brand feel cheap, so it’s a decision you need to think carefully about. With your business cards there are so many options to choose from.

A standard 350gsm is your starting point but laminating these will add a more professional feel. Thicker business cards have become increasingly popular with 450gsm and laminated being a choice made by many. With the advancement in different techniques and materials, duplexing or ‘sticking’ two stocks together is now a lot more affordable then you would think.

One of the most important paper decisions you need to make is whether you go for coated or uncoated paper stock. There are pros and cons for both, and it really depends on what the end use is as to which one you choose. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas of what could be achieved then get in touch and we can show you what options would work best for you


  • Is available with a matte or glossy finish
  • Smooth with a slight shine (can be provided with a high shine if required)
  • Improves the brightness of printed material and is perfect for a sharp crisp image
  • Offers more resistance to wear and tear than uncoated
  • Although business cards look great printed on this paper, if the person you have given it to wishes to write additional details on it, it is difficult to write on


  • Not as smooth as coated paper
  • Gives an elegant and classy appearance to printed material
  • Perfect for envelopes and letter headings
  • Great for business cards as it is easy for the recipient of your card to write further details if they need to
  • Available in a textured finish

If you are still unsure as to what paper stock is best for your particular needs, please contact us and we will be only too happy to help.