Why your branding strategy should be like Spock


A picture of spock


If you have ever watched Star Trek, you’ll probably be familiar with one of the programme’s most iconic characters, Spock.

Spock, who is half human half Vulcan, often has to battle between his logical Vulcan characteristics and emotional human characteristics in order to survive and save the Starship Enterprise from impending doom.

So what has this got to do with branding? Well, just like the famous character, branding is often about the battle between logic and emotion. The right combination of colour and design in your branding, particularly your printed collateral, can work wonders for your company. But failing to choose wisely can have disastrous effects on how your business is perceived by potential customers.

What does your branding say about you?

Different colour can spark a range of emotions for your audience. Colour psychology tells us that using red as part of your branding conjures the feeling of passion, being bold, youthful and confident. While using purple suggests creativity, compassion and modesty. Green means clarity, growth and prosperity and blue means ambition, determination and perspective. Choosing the right colours for your digital and print branding can have significant effects on the overall message sent to your customers.

But as well as emotions, logic is also necessary when choosing what your branding says about you.

In order for your brand to have a clear and logical message, you will need to have a branding strategy. When creating your strategy, you should take into account:

– Purpose – Why are you creating this piece of marketing? What is its goal?
– Consistency – Is it in keeping with the rest of your marketing? Is it in keeping with the brand’s image and reputation?
– Stay flexible- As your business grows and develops the aims of your marketing may change. Be aware of your goals and how you sit within your industry.

Using a combination of emotion and logic when designing your brand’s print collateral will ensure that your company sends a clear message out to its customers and says exactly what you need it to.

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