B1 and B2 – The printing super-highway

Sometimes people need get things done quickly. Like when you’re going on a long journey and you have to choose between taking the motorway or taking the scenic route. Often many people choose the motorway, because it’s faster, but wouldn’t it be better if you could have the speed of the motorway, with the views of the scenic route?

Well with B1 and B2 print you can have the best of both worlds – high-quality print collateral, with competitive turnaround times, and here at Streamline, we offer both.

What is B1 and B2 printing?

B1 and B2 print refers to the maximum size of the paper that will fit through the press. B sizes are larger than A sizes, which essentially means that the sheet size allows for more or larger pages to be printed on one sheet.

For example, the size of a B1 sheet is 720 x 1020, which fits 8 pieces of oversized A4 paper on one side, so you can print 8 sheets of oversized A4, or 16 pages if you are printing double-sided. So not only can you take advantage of lithographic print features, such as special finishes and coatings, but you can count on a reasonable turnaround time too.

The B1 sheet can then be trimmed and folded to the desired size and bound together to make brochures, magazines and booklets.

The Rolls Royce of printing presses – Heidelberg

At Streamline Press we have invested in state-of-the-art Heidelberg B1 and B2 printing presses so we can complete projects quickly and to the highest standard; as B1 printers we are able to offer our customers superior quality and significantly quicker turnaround times.

We are an exclusive Heidelberg house and because of this we have the capability to produce superior print work consistently and to a short lead time, with no fuss.

Want to find out more about our B1 and B2 capabilities? Get in touch, call 0116 235 5003 or fill out the form.