COVID-19 Company Update

We wanted to write to you to thank you for the trust we know you place in us every time you choose to place your orders with Streamline.

These are unprecedented times for our industry, our country and the world.

Streamline is closely monitoring the ever changing COVID–19 outbreak which has, as you know, become a global issue affecting many countries.

Our senior leadership team are ensuring that we have a proactive and consistent response to this virus in line with government recommendations.

A summary of our response to COVID-19

As a provider of business-critical communications, at Streamline we have comprehensive business continuity plans. In recent weeks, we have been testing these plans in response to COVID-19.

Following the UK government’s announcement – of a move to the ‘Delay’ phase of its COVID-19 planning – we want to share with you details of our response to COVID-19.

Active Incident Management for COVID-19

In changing situations like this, agility is vital. We have a team of key personnel at Streamline monitoring COVID-19 updates. We are following guidance from the UK government, regulatory agencies and health professionals. As advice changes, we are ready to fast track decision making via our leadership team.

We have key personnel coordinating internal roles and responsibilities during this outbreak. Should this team fall ill, or be unable to carry out their responsibilities, we also have a backup team.

Plans to minimise business disruption from COVID-19

We aim to deliver as near to ‘business as usual’ services as possible during this outbreak. We have tested preparations for office closures, production limitations and critical service disruptions.

Should we need to restrict access to our offices, we have secure remote connections to our business systems allowing staff to work-from-home. Phone lines can also divert to avoid disruption to inbound call handling.

We operate across three sites and should we need to we can seamlessly switch production and transfer unaffected staff between these sites.

COVID-19 impact on travel and business meetings

To reduce the risk of infection we have restricted travel and meetings. Travel to, from or through COVID-19 affected countries is suspended. People returning from any country affected by COVID-19, must self-isolate for at least 14 days.

Non essential UK travel and meetings are also suspended. Face-to-face meetings are, where practical taking place using video or telephone conference channels.

Measures to protect our production centres

We are regularly communicating with our colleagues to offer information and advice on COVID-19. We have issued guidance on the universal precautions they should practice to prevent against illness. A comprehensive reporting process has been communicated should any member of staff become ill, this will enable us to isolate the effect as part of our containment process.

Restrictions in our production centres now stop access by non-essential visitors and suppliers. Where suppliers, couriers or visitors do come to our sites they are being asked to follow our strict hygiene guidance and risk assessments.

Any member of team showing symptoms, or living with a family member showing symptoms, will self isolate for 14 days. In these circumstances, we have extra staff cross-trained to operate equipment and to complete customer orders.

In the event that one of our production centres is significantly affected by COVID-19, we would invoke our incident/recovery protocols. This ensures that where possible our business operayions continue if our primary physical space is unavailable. This includes transferring production and unaffected staff across our three production sites.

We are also monitoring raw material supplies. Where possible we have extra stocks, so production can con6nue should supply chains lengthen.

Technical provisions

Our IT infrastructure and web-based applications have resilience built in. Our system virtualisation and replication processes make sure services continue should the primary resource not be available.

Current COVID-19 status – No impact

We have had no reported issues with any colleagues or visitors to date. There is currently no impact from COVID-19 on the business of Streamline. In view of the changing situation, we will keep you up to date as plans and events evolve.